CPF-NL By-Laws – May 2010

2016 By-Law Committee

Elaine Huxter,

18.1 Amendment

The By-laws of the Branch not embodied in constitution may be repealed or amended by the Branch Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting.   Proposed amendments to the bylaws, other than editorial changes for purposes of clarity, may be put forward by any member in good standing with the written support of at least two other members in good standing.  Notice of any motion to amend the By-Laws must be forwarded to the Branch President who shall cause the notice to be circulated in writing to the membership not less than 60 days prior to their consideration by a Branch Annual General Meeting.  Adoption of such amendments requires an affirmative vote of two thirds of the combined Branch Board of Directors and Chapter Delegates voting in person at a Branch Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.  However the repeal or amendment of the By-laws shall not be enforced or acted upon until the approval of the appropriate Corporate Registry.

Please submit amendments to Chair, Elaine Huxter at [email protected].  July 15, 2016


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