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The CPF-NL Parent Instructional Program was designed in response to a significant demand from parents all over the province with children in French second language programs. They felt that their own French language skills were lacking or non-existent. Several parents felt that they were unable to adequately help their children with French homework and would gain immensely from beginner French language lessons.

CPF-NL intends to offer this program on an annual basis, adding a new level each year. Currently, there are three levels of the program. The programs are designed to offer parents adequate French knowledge to more effectively assist their children with French homework. Each program is increasingly more difficult offering parents the opportunity to improve their French speaking abilities as well.

If you are interested in taking part in this program or would like more information, please contact the chapter president in your area. (Chapter contacts can be found by clicking on the Chapters tab in the upper left of the page.) If there is no chapter in your area and you are interested in the program please contact the provincial office.


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