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Benefits of Family/Individual Membership in CPF

There are many reasons for joining CPF, the most important being to ensure that FSL education in Canada is all that it can be for your child and for all children in Canada. We appreciate all that our members have done for us, and want to return the favour by offering tools, help, and exclusive members-only resources and events as a way of thanks for joining our family. See below all that CPF has to offer you and your family – besides membership in a strong community of parents and advocates across the country, that is.

Members-Only Tools and Guides

Upon registering with CPF as a member, new members receive a free copy of Helping Your Child Become Bilingual: A Toolkit for CPF Members, a helpful booklet containing nine informative sections on everything from program breakdowns to how to help support your child’s academic journey.

Members also receive exclusive access to the following:

Research Database

CPF Guide to FSL Schools

Peer Tutoring Literacy Program

In some jurisdictions, CPF membership is a prerequisite to participating in many of CPF’s youth programs like Concours d’art oratoire, summer camps, and more. For more information on why joining your local CPF community could benefit you and your family, contact your local branch.

Peer Tutoring Literacy Program for French Immersion Schools: A Parent-Teacher Collaborative Approach – This school-based initiative is designed to foster literacy in French immersion. Intended for almost independent Grades 2 and 3 readers, with no major learning difficulties, who would benefit from extra reading support. Program delivery by teachers, parents and older students.

Easy Access to CPF Publications

Each CPF member receives a personal subscription to CPF Magazine and to the newsletter(s) representing local branches and/or chapters. Keep up to date with CPF events and activities across Canada by joining our national family of supporters.

Many additional CPF publications, including pamphlets, posters, videos, and more, are available to CPF members at discounted rates or, in some cases, free of charge; your membership fee can go a long way to saving you money in the end!

Networking and Advocacy

CPF members have opportunities to network locally, provincially and nationally with others who share their interests through community meetings, skill-building workshops, training sessions for volunteers and parents, and more. Your membership gives CPF a stronger voice to advocate for access to quality FSL education with ministers and administrators at the national and provincial/territorial levels and with school boards in your community.

CPF Member Savings


Oui for Kids – a children’s French online bookstore in British Columbia is pleased to offer all CPF members a 10% discount on all products on their website. To take advantage of this offer, please identify yourself as a CPF member and include your membership number when placing an order. This can be done in the comments section of the online order form.

Visit the website to take advantage of this offer!


Le Myosotis – Le Myosotis, makers of the first FSL dictionary entirely developed in Canada, is offering CPF members a 15% discount! “As an educator, and in my role

[as CPF executive director], it is my opinion that Myosotis is the best resource that I have seen for committed FSL learners.” – Quote from James Shea, former executive director of Canadian Parents for French.

Visit the website to take advantage of this offer!

Firefly Books – publishes and/or distributes hundreds of French-language calendars and children’s books. Offering CPF members the following terms per “ship to” address: 25 assorted books = 40% discount off retail price. Additional charges for shipping & GST.

For more information, please contact:

Parisa Michailidis, Special Markets Manager
Firefly Books Ltd.
50 Staples Avenue
Unit 1
Richmond Hill, ON
Canada L4B 0A7

Toll Free Telephone: 800-387-6192
Phone: (416) 499-8412
Toll Free Fax: 800-450-0391
Fax: (416) 499-8313
Email: [email protected]

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